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Well-Being, Mood and Calcium Homeostasis in Patien… Wiebke Arlt, et. al 11/11/2010
Overexpression of Vitamin D Receptor in Osteoblast… B.M. Misof, et al 11/11/2010
Sporadic Hypoparathyroidism Treated with Teriparat… N. G. Angelopoulos, et al 02/12/2007
Hypocalcaemia as a rare cause of acute left heart … Schar B, Seifert B, Weber UK, Ludwig C 12/09/2005
Experimental Parathyroid Transplantation Niimi M, Takashina M, Takami H, 12/09/2005
Molecular Genetics of Hypoparathyroidism R. V. Thakker, M.D 11/23/2005

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