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Hypopara Manager App

Author: Point of Care

We at Point of Care are excited to announce there is a new Hypoparathyroidism Manager app that can help patients to more effectively stay on top of their care.  Simply go to your app store and download the Hypoparathyroidism Manager today!

We have developed  a Did You Know? series to support patients and to further their understanding of how the different sections of the Hypoparathyroidism Manager app can be used effectively to help them stay in control of their care.  They are listed below.

Giving patients a tool that can help their providers see the full picture of their condition and state of health in real time is giving patients the power to manage their disease. But to fully realize this potential, it’s essential that patients understand WHY they are entering data on a daily basis, and HOW it can help their providers better care for them.

The series of tips and explanations loosely follows the content sections of the app:

  • My Daily Record
  • My Medical Setting
  • My Resources & Progress

In addition, there is step-by-step information on

  • How to register and get the most out of the app by using the right settings
  • How to sync with the doctor’s office, and
  • How the gamification feature adds an element of fun even as patients enter data daily while dealing with their often challenging chronic condition

Each segment of information is written in patient-friendly language, has been fact-checked by an editor.


Did You Know? #1   Getting It Right When You REGISTER With HYPOPARATHYROIDISM MANAGER

Here are some tips so you’re sure to get the most out of your HYPOPARATHYROIDISM MANAGER app:

  •  Once registered, you can LOG IN securely by simply using touch ID, or your password
  •  NOTIFICATIONS. Right away, when you register, check the Notifications section. Turn Notifications on so you can get updates. And—when you’re synced with your doctor—you’ll be able to get new HYPOPARATHYROIDISM educational materials and share your data
  • PROFILE COMPLETION. When you’re still in registration mode, tap on Profile Completion. It will highlight how far you are in the setup process and what you need to add to complete your profile


Did You Know? #2    How to Sync HYPOPARATHYROIDISM Manager With Your Doctor’s Office

What does syncing with your doctor’s office mean?

When you’re synced with your doctor’s office, it means that he or she can receive the data that you enter into your app. This is how you will get the most out of your app.

Syncing is easy!

Here are the quick steps:

  • Log into HYPOPARATHYROIDISM Manager and tap the Care Team button  
  • Find your doctor’s QR code: 
    • If you know the code enter it manually OR
    • Your doctor’s office has an easy-to-remember code. Enter the code manually or simply scan the QR poster by tapping the Scan Code button

 That’s it! You’re now connected, and your doctor will be able to access your Charts and see how you’re doing.

Making sure your doctor is connected

If your doctor is not connected yet, that’s easy too. Simply ask your doctor to download the special app for clinicians at Or you can show your doctor the QR code and he or she can scan it.

Something to bear in mind

You can always unsync any of the doctors you’ve added to your care team at any time. This is a special feature for your protection, so don’t hesitate to use it if you no longer have a relationship with a particular provider.


Did You Know? #3  Why JOURNALING Is a Good Idea

 Here are some thoughts about one of the most popular features of the HYPOPARATHYRODISM Manager app.

 As you may have discovered, Journaling is one of the activities that people managing their HYPOPARATHYRODISM like to do.

Why is journaling such a good idea?

Well, journaling is known to bring about awareness.  In the context of your HYPOPARATHYRODISM, the more you can observe how your condition affects you, the more you may be able to anticipate and manage things. Using what is known as “journal therapy” allows you to write down and analyze your issues and concerns around your HYPOPARATHYRODISM

For instance, by looking back on journal entries, you can:

  • Identify high-priority concerns and symptoms
  • Remember topics to discuss on doctor visits
  • Relieve anxiety

One of the biggest plusses of journaling is that when you visit your doctor again, you’ll be able to review your charts and treatment results. This helps you see your progress or any changes that need attention. By keeping a journal you are really keeping your health story.

Studies also show that using an app like the HYPOPARATHYRODISM Manager on a regular basis leads to more shared decision making with caregivers. It tends to improve relationships between doctors and patients because it helps care teams better understand your symptoms.

 Some Tips:

1: Be honest! It’s your journal, and your HYPOPARATHYRODISM. Say how you feel.

2: Write freely. Don’t worry about grammar or spelling.

3: Try to journal every day. You’ll be glad you did when you look back and see how far you’ve come.

Journaling lets you feel a sense of control over your HYPOPARATHYRODISM and its symptoms, so journal as often as you can!


Do You Know? #4  What’s in MY DAILY JOURNAL

 The JOURNAL section of your app helps you record

  • How you rate general well-being, other symptoms
  • What treatments you’ve taken

 Daily Questions. Check off any questions you may have. Your app will record them so it’s easy to share with your doctor.

Notes/Comments. Record anything you want to remember to tell your doctor. Or, enter any observations such as how you feel when you start a new medication.   

Seeing your chart is a great reward!

For many app users, the best part is being able to see moods, pain, taking medications—even how often they journal—in colorful pie charts. This way it’s easy to spot trends, notice when you’re doing well, and where you need to improve.

Getting the full picture

Remember, the more you use the Hypoparathyroidism Manager, the easier it will be to keep track and better understand your symptoms. Using the app on a daily basis will help you stay in control of your care and work more closely with your provider by providing more accurate information about your hypoparathyroidism.


Did You Know? #5    How MY TREATMENTS Can Keep You on Schedule With Your Medications  

MY TREATMENTS is a great section of your app because once you have entered all the medications you are taking, you’ve got a convenient record of everything, all in one place. Also, there are sections where you can enter the other ways you are managing your condition. Basically, whatever you’re doing to manage your hypoparathyroidism will fit into one of these sections.

You’ll also see that after entering the treatment name and type, you can access a handy treatment scheduler:

  • Move the button to capture how long the treatment will last
  • Enter if this is daily, weekly, monthly or annually
  • Move the button for how many times a day
  • Add reminders to prompt you when to take medication or therapy

Keeping track of treatments & other conditions can prompt conversations

Even though your doctors keep track of what treatments they prescribe, you may be seeing a number of different doctors. The fact is, when you have Hypoparathyroidism you may be at increased risk of developing other medical conditions. So, having a list of every medication will be helpful when you visit other doctors because you’ll be able to share everything without forgetting anything.

Tap on MY CONDITIONS to enter other health conditions

It’s also a good idea to keep check of the other conditions you are treating. This list is especially useful when you are consulting a new doctor. By sharing the list, he or she can get an immediate snapshot of any preexisting conditions as well as your overall state of health.

Adding reminders to your calendar

Using the Hypoparathyroidism Manager to add reminders to your calendar is a no-brainer, especially as, like most people, you probably use a mobile phone every day. Adding in medication reminders is quick and easy. Simply follow the prompts.


Do You Know? #6 How does the HYPOPARATHYROIDISM Manager Work With Your Doctor’s Office?  

Are you and your doctor connected yet? If not, tell your doctor you are already using the app and he or she can get connected quickly by downloading the clinician app at Show your doctor the QR Code and he or she can scan it.

Getting set up and “synced” with your doctor’s office is quick  

  1. You’ll need your doctor’s first and last names and phone number. And only one of these: office email, phone number, or fax number.
  2. Or you can give us permission to reach out to your physician and use your name to get connected.
  3.  PREFERRED METHOD: Or, if you have your clinician’s code, simply scan it. Your app has a built-in code reader that you can find at the bottom left of your app screen. It’s a small black and white box. 
  4. If you don’t currently have a clinician, tap “I Have No Clinician At This Time”.

What your doctor wants to know

Your doctor wants to see how you’re doing on your medications, and to hear about any symptoms that may be troubling you. The HYPOPARATHYROIDISM Manager helps you capture this when you enter your information into the MY TREATMENT section. Try to do it consistently because it’s the only way to get an accurate idea of your progress.


Did You Know? #7  How PATIENT EDUCATION Can Help You Stay In-the-Know

When you have a chronic (long-term) condition, there’s a lot to keep up with. Things are constantly changing: researchers find new molecules, doctors monitor new clinical trials, and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves new medications. And that’s all good news when you’re the one looking for solutions.

Unbiased HYPOPARATHYROIDISM information at your fingertips

 By now you’ve probably explored the HYPOPARATHYROIDISM Manager. Click on this whenever you want a fast way to get unbiased and up-to-date information about HYPOPARATHYROIDISM.

Your doctor’s office is a source of information too!

Your doctor’s office may also use the PATIENT EDUCATION section of your app to send you information about a new treatment you may be considering. If you want more options for treating HYPOPARATHYROIDISM, be sure to ask your doctor. At the end of the day it’s all about you—and the more you know about HYPOPARATHYROIDISM, the better you’ll be able to manage it.

To be sure you’re always in-the-know and getting any information your doctor’s office is providing, switch on your Notifications. You’ll find this in Settings (see the cog wheel) at the top right of your app screen.             

Communicating with your doctors is key

Staying informed and communicating with your healthcare providers is really important. The HYPOPARATHYROIDISM Manager is designed to help you do just that easily and quickly.


Did You Know? #8  How MY CHARTS Can Help You and Your Doctor

One of the reasons the My Charts section of the HYPOPARATHYROIDISM app is so popular is because people LOVE seeing a story in pictures, or visually. That’s what My Charts does—it’s your health story in charts and graphs. Of course, My Charts is really putting together all the data you’ve given the app—so in addition to this being visual, it’s all about you!

Best of all, when you share this information with your doctor, he or she can see at a glance how you’ve been since your last visit—no explanations needed. 

My Charts tracks some important things for you

MOOD. My Charts keeps track of your moods. Pick from the list of words that best describes your mood every day. The app turns this daily information into a colorful pie chart and you’ll see at a glance how anxious, calm, depressed, or content you’ve been over time.

PAIN. Capturing how much pain you’re experiencing on any given day is valuable for reporting to your doctor.

Helping you stay on track with your medications

One of the most important sections in My Charts is adherence with your medications. Not missing a treatment and taking medications as prescribed is crucial because your doctor needs to know how you are responding. If you are not being compliant, he or she will be unable to assess things properly.

Tip: Enter all treatments/medications up front. When you have done this it’s just a matter of checking in with your app on a regular basis.

What people love about this app

People using this app say it’s especially good for tracking medications and dosages—helping them tell the doctor their HYPOPARATHYROIDISM story and how they are managing things and staying in control of their care.


Did You Know? #9  When You Keep Using the HYPOPARATHYROIDISM Manager You Can Earn Points, Badges & More

Let’s face it, living with a chronic condition is tough. Journaling and entering data into the HYPOPARATHYROIDISM Manager means being dedicated to your good health.

To acknowledge your hard work in staying healthy and to keep you engaged with the HYPOPARATHYROIDISM Manager, we came up with some cool animations and a point/badge system. We hope it brings a smile to your face when you switch on this game action.

Customize your settings for different levels of activity

To customize the behavior of your app, and the level of encouragement you want to receive, go to Preferences and select the game action that suits you best.

Normal provides 5 levels of engagement, trophy badges, and stars

Low Key brings less activity, and less animation

How it works

If you decide you want NORMAL or LOW KEY participation, you’ll be rewarded with points every time you enter and complete an activity. An activity that counts is completing a journal entry, noting that you’ve taken your medications, checking off daily questions, and reading educational materials. 

No matter your level of participation, the real winner is you and your improved health.

So, stay tuned. Who says entering your data into the Hyppoparathyroidism Manager every day has to be boring?

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