HypoPARAisms:  What is it and why it is important, to ME

How do you feel about the impact hypoparathyroidism has had on your life?  How can you explain the burden of the disorder to others, and can you do it in a way that they would understand?

Could you do it in just six words?

Therein lies the challenge, and taking up the challenge can be a cathartic experience for you, an experience which will help you understand how the disorder has become so important in your life.  More importantly it is a way to explain the effect the disorder has on your life to others.

Some of our members have done exactly that, defined their lives with hypoparathyroidism in just six words.  Are you up to the challenge?  Submit your 6 word HypoPARAism today, along with a photograph and signed consent form (giving us permission to use your HypoPARAism and picture on our website).  You can make a difference and help understand you and this “thing” which has invaded our lives.







"A rollercoaster ride without the thrills!"

                                         - Randy & Sandi Y

Hypoparathyroidism Can't Take Away My Spirit!

                                                                     - Kathy


                                        Marc & Ann-Marie                          

   Living, Laughing, Loving:  Our Balancing Act!!!

                                                                   -  Marc & Anne-Marie      

"Pill - Tests - Frustrating - Unpredictable - Life-Changing - Managable"

                                                                            - Gaby T

Gaby T


Kim L

"Thyroid cancer changed everything with hypoparathyroidism"

                                                                                              - Kim L 



"Research - New Treatments - Support - Friendship => HOPE!" 

- Rose G           

Rosa G

Carem B

"Disease - Surgery - Complications - Pills - Alive Today!"

- Carem B     

"With every loss there are wins"

- Crhistina B               

Christine B
Bonnie R

"Hang'n Outside the Box Upside Down!"

- Bonnie R         


Calcium for blood; Compassion for spirit

                                                                                     -Jim S. 



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