Below is a list our brouchures and other resource materials, click on the PDF or VIDEO links and enjoy.  They are available here for you to print and share.  

Brochures & Guides

A Quick Guide to Understanding Hypoparathyroidism [PDF]  updated 3/2014

About the Hypoparathyroidism Association (fact sheet) [PDF]

About the Hypoparathyroidism Association (brochure) [PDF]  

What is Hypoparathyroidism (brochure)[PDF] 

Letter to Insurance Companies to Cover Calcitriol [PDF]


About the Association Flyer [PDF]

8th Annual Conference on Hypoparathyroidism [PDF]


PDF's & Power Points

Overview of the Social Security Process for Disability [PDF]

Hypoparathyroidism & Social Security Disability by Judge Voisin [PDF] 

Finding A Qualified Physician to Treat Hypoparathyroidism [PDF]


E-Learning Videos

E-Learning Video #1:  Definition of Hypoparathyroidism [VIDEO]

E-Learning Video #2:  Causes of Hypoparathyroidism [VIDEO]

E-Learning Video #3:  Newly Diagnosed [VIDEO]

E-Learning Video #4: Symptoms [VIDEO]

E-Learning Video #5: Quality of Life [VIDEO]

E-Learning Video #6: Commonly Experienced Symptoms [VIDEO]

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