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HypoPARA 101

HypoPARAthyroidism is characterized by low calcium levels AND low or absent parathyroid hormone (PTH). Over 100,000 people in the United States have hypoPARAthyroidism. The majority of people with hypoPARAthyroidism are female. Approximately 75% of people with hypoPARAthyroidism acquired the disorder after neck surgery. The other 25% of our population is made up of genetic, autoimmune, idiopathic (cause unknown), pseudo, pseudo-pseudo or a related disorder.

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Explore our comprehensive resources on hypoPARAthyroidism to learn more about this condition. From symptoms and treatments to causes and patient stories, our subpages offer valuable information and insights into living with hypoPARAthyroidism. Browse our collection of resources to better understand and manage your condition.

Featured Patient Story

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One of the most exciting things in my most recent research, is finding your organization. Literally seeing a bunch of people on video who had hypoPARA. Coming from a place where I thought I was the only one, this was heartwarming and inspirational to me.

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