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Past Webinars & Conferences

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Here you will find a collection of videos from previous conferences, webinars, and events organized by the HypoPARAthyroidism Association. These videos feature informative presentations, panel discussions, and keynote speeches from renowned experts in the field of hypoPARAthyroidism.

Overview of changes in research and guidelines for HypoPARA in 2023 with Dr Dolores Shoback____>

Skeletal Development & How Calcium Affects Children's Bones with Dr David Weber __>

Updates on HypoPARAthyroidism Research from the NIH with Dr Roszko, Dr Rubin, Dr Hartley & Dr Lionakis  __>

Calcium Safety in HypoPARAthyroidism with Dr Lynn Kohlmeier __>

Patient Focused Guide to Tracking your disease with Dr Elena Christofides __>

Lab Imaging & Test for Kidney Stone Monitoring with Dr's Kelly & Kimberly Liang __>

Advances in Drug Therapy with Dr Aliya Khan __>

A Discussion on Clinical Trials for Patients with Dr Warren __>

Cognitive Function in HypoPARAthryoidism with Dr Mishaela Rubin __>

Update from Bridgebio/Calcilytix with Dr Mary Scott Roberts __>

Kidney Health with Dr Michael Mannstadt __>

At Home Blood Calcium Monitoring with XuiWei Wang __>

Low Calcium & Low Thyroid What is Causing my symptoms? with Dr Dolores Shoback __>

Amolyt/Eneboparatide Update with Dr Mark Sumeray __>

MBX Biosciences Update __>

Rare-X __>

Ask the Docs__>



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