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Share your experience with hypoPARA. We want to hear all about it - the good, the bad, how it all happened and what your life is like today. You can also browse our collection of stories from other hypoPARAthyroidism warriors.

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Bari is with her son, daughter, and dog, and they are all smiling.

“I have been to dozens of doctors in 3 different states because finding someone who knows how to manage this rare disease is also rare. I have taken more medicines than I can count. I never know if any given day is going to be good or bad. So, I live my life to its fullest and take nothing for granted.”

-Bari, Surgical

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A headshot of Peace, wearing pink sunglasses and smiling.

"I was nineteen at the time and was taken to the doctors when I complained of a series of intense headaches. As a child and young adult, I would never complain about any bodily issues. I thought that most of it was normal, including the cramps in my feet, legs and hands and the constant headaches."

-Peace, Non-Surgical

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We are in this together! If you'd like to share your story please fill out the form below and we will post it here. Don’t forget to include a photo of yourself!

We use patient stories in many ways – when we need to look for specific patients for a research study or to speak to the FDA, for our Warrior Wednesday posts, and we also just like to offer patients an outlet to share with others who understand their journey.

Know that we won't sell your story or reuse anywhere other than our webpage and social media account without your express permission.