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Lori’s Story


"There have been times I was unable to get to the calcium bottle fast enough."

Headshot of Lori, smiling against a blue background

I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2009. I had my thyroid removed but my cancer spread outside of my thyroid so my parathyroids had to be removed so they could try to get all the cancer out of my throat. They transplanted my parathyroids back in hopes they would start working properly. They only work partially.

I’m reliant on calcitriol and large doses of calcium to maintain a healthy calcium level. Even with the supplements I still have random drops in calcium levels with symptoms. I have tingling in my nose and face on a regular basis and if I don’t take calcium quick enough the tingling spreads to my arms and legs. I have to carry calcium with me at all times and have to have bottles of calcium on my nightstand with water next to it because I can wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and my face is numb and my legs are too numb to walk so calcium needs to be in reach. There have been times I was unable to get to the calcium bottle fast enough. I've had to have other people around me put the calcium pills in my mouth and hold the bottle of water for me because I was unable to do so for myself because of my hypoPARAthyroidism.

When I was introduced to Natpara it was a god send. I could reduce the amount of calcium I had to take. I had less low calcium episodes. I could be more active in my life because I felt better. I had more energy. I could work out at the gym. I lost weight that I had gained after having my thyroidectomy. I felt like I had my life back for the first time since being diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Then Natpara was recalled. I was devastated. I went back on large doses of calcium supplements and my low level of calcium symptoms returned. I had no energy, my muscles hurt, my face tingling returned, and I gained weight.

I really would like someone to come up with a new treatment for hypoPARAthyroidism so I can get my life back. I was a very active person before hypoPARAthyroidism and I had a little taste of that when I was on Natpara. So we need another treatment so people like me can have the quality of life we deserve.

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